Osum Provides Taiga Project Update

In this age of environmental awareness, a Calgary-based oil sands development company, said that its “surface footprint” will be minimized, and waste will be minimal and disposed of safely.

Osum Oil Sands Corp. shared this information during its town hall meeting Dec. 3 at the Harbour View Community Centre.

The meeting was part of the consultation process about Osum’s Taiga project, an in situ project on a lease it owns near Cold Lake. Guests were able to access information from Taiga workers, ask questions, and enjoy a traditional Ukrainian supper.

Highlights of Osum’s public relations include: the development will not be in, on or under Cold Lake; will utilize the same technology as other oil companies (SAGD and/or CSS); and production of about 35,000 barrels per day maximum, achieved in three phases. The need for freshwater use for steam is also eliminated through the use of brackish water. They also said that economic benefits include many jobs created through local contracts.

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Osum hopes to begin production at its Cold Lake leases in 2013.

Four hydrometric stations will be installed on the Medley River, Osum will participate in the LICA airshed, and visual disturbances will be isolated as much as possible.

The Taiga project derived its name from after the world’s longest forest … the North American Taiga, which stretches from Alaska to Newfoundland. The Taiga accounts for over 25 per cent of the world’s forested area, and is home to unique ecosystems that have developed over hundreds of years. Taiga is a Russian word for boreal forest.

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