Exploring the Subsurface. Part 2. Interview with Dr. Jen Russel-Houston

Posted: Sep. 29, 2009

In this discussion, Osum’s Geosciences Manager, Dr. Jen Russel-Houston, explains how geological information is used to make decisions about how to develop the reservoir.

She goes on to explain her involvement in Osum’s efforts to manage its impact on the environment. Quote from clip: Every decision I make I know has some impact in the field, so when I talk about how many wells I can fit on a pad – the more wells on a pad, the smaller the pad footprint will be of our overall operation. So its all those sorts of thoughts that go into how we develop our reservoir… Even though I probably spend about 90% of my time thinking about whats below ground, I know it does have an impact on what goes on above the surface.

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