Questions and Answers for the Taiga Project

On December 3rd, Osum hosted a Town Hall as part of its early public consultation process for the Taiga Project. Some of the questions that were asked most frequently throughout the evening, accompanied by answers, downloadable illustrations and maps are below. A wrap report for the town hall can be viewed here.

Can I see a map that shows where the wells will be drilled in relation to where I live / lakes / the Provincial Park?

A map of the initial Oil Sands Exploration wells for the Taiga Project (to find out how much oil is in the ground and where it is) can be downloaded here (2.4 MB). The locations of horizontal SAGD and horizontal CSS wells to be drilled in the future are not yet decided, and will only be chosen after consulting with the community and government. We will make these plans available to you as they become known.

What is the depth of:
your horizontal SAGD and horizontal CSS wells?
your brackish water wells?
your waste disposal zones?

An illustration of the rock layers on Osum’s leases, showing the approximate planned depth of thermal wells, brackish water wells and disposal wells is available here (5 MB)

What are the future employment opportunities with Osum, for everything from drilling and oilfield services to engineering construction and design?

As the Taiga Project grows in the next couple of years, we will need to hire full time employees, including about 45 field staff. When we are closer to this stage, and after we’ve consulted with the community about our plans for the Taiga project, we’ll begin looking to fill these positions. Having said that, we are always interested in hearing from optimistic and creative individuals with skills in the oil sands business, so feel free to forward your resume to

Economic benefits from the Taiga Project will also include contracts with service companies and other spending for room & board, supplies and meals within the local area.

How can I get regular updates on the Taiga Project?

Osum is committed to providing regular updates through ongoing consultation with the community, including local environmental groups such as LICA. Another easy way to stay informed about our plans and how they effect you is to sign up to receive our e-newsletter here.

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