Richard Branson advisor offers Advice to Alberta

Posted: May. 21, 2009

Recently, Alan Knight, an advisor to the Virgin Group, visited the oil sands and met with Calgary Economic Development to “unpick fact from allegation.” His letter is a call to “think bigger and act bolder” when it comes to carbon technology; not an easy task perhaps, but one that the In Situ Oil Sands Alliance, of which Osum is a member, is looking to fulfill. Mr. Knight says to Alberta in the letter that “the world needs your oil, but it needs a low carbon footprint just as much.”

Mr. Knight also recognizes that not all oil sands developments are the same. He states: “I think that branding both the SAGD styles and the mines jointly as oil sands was a stunning misjudgment that has diluted the different messages of both.

You can read the entire letter here.

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