Osum Innovation Challenge

Students rarely realize their own potential. They don’t always understand just yet that they hold the keys to solving the world’s greatest challenges. We know that one of the most important skills they’ll need to solve these challenges is innovation. And the science teachers at Cold Lake High School agree.

At the second Osum Innovation Challenge in October 2011 students at Cold Lake High School spent two days with innovation experts from the Silicon Valley designing and building their own theme park experience. The projects look fun but it’s not the towers of cardboard that are important for the students. It’s the innovation process they’re learning to get there.

One guest speaker, George Kourounis, an adventurer and host of the Discovery Channel’s “Angry Planet”, challenged the students, “If you want something you’ve never had, do something you’ve never done.” And that’s exactly how we feel about our partnership with CLHS.

We’re inspired to have been part of a distinctive and unique partnership that allows us to promote student interest in science and innovation by collaborating with teachers who are passionately devoted to their students, and we hope to continue with this partnership in the future.

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