Osum kicks off Saleski East Traditional Land Use Study

Community consultation should start early and be ongoing. Recently, Osum kicked off its Saleski East Traditional Land Use Study in Wabasca. Currently, we have a JV Pilot in the Grosmont Carbonates operating in the area and we have plans for our own commercial development in the years to come.

The Traditional Land Use Study that is currently underway will help document valuable historical knowledge resources for the Nation and identify relevant information for Osum to take into consideration during the planning for our Saleski project. This could include things like migration habits of animals or the location of berry patches that may be in the vicinity of our project.

For the kick-off meeting, we spent the entire day with local Elders, trappers and members of Bigstone Cree Nation answering their questions and learning about what is important to them. In addition to summarizing some of the best approaches to minimize or eliminate environmental impacts, the most talked about issues were around training and employment for residents. Included below are discussions with Beth Ann Auger and Irene Pirie captured following the event. The footage is raw, with background noise from dismantling the venue, but we thought their insights are valuable to share.


As Beth Ann and Irene express in their videos, we agree this is a time where it’s important for us to work together for a positive future for all of our stakeholders and we look forward to continued conversations with community members in our project areas. We know that as with any development, different stakeholders will have different concerns and priorities; but the earlier the discussions start, the more informed and sensitive our planning can be.

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