Looking for Leaders of Tomorrow in the Lakeland

Many of our community investment activities allow us to meet and interact with the youth of the Lakeland – and we probably don’t have to tell you that there are some extraordinary kids living in the region. Some of them are heading off to university or college soon (which isn’t cheap!) and we wanted to find a way to acknowledge these students for the amazing things that they are doing to bring positive change to their school or community.

We also wanted a way that the community could be part of this initiative. That’s why anyone can recognize a graduating student for going the extra mile. The nominator could be:

  • An employee of a non-profit that has an amazing volunteer that is graduating this year;
  • A business owner that has recognized real ingenuity, integrity and industriousness in an employee;
  • Another student who really admires the example that has been set for them by their fellow classmate; or
  • Really, anyone that has witnessed an awesome individual.

Our award isn’t just about grades in the classroom; it’s about the small acts of integrity that nominees exhibit when no one else is looking, simply because they’re committed to helping others and making the world a better place.

So, if you know a deserving student in the Lakeland, please nominate them for an Osum Leader of Tomorrow Award and take advantage of an opportunity to “pay it forward.”

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