Osum Conversation Series: Minimizing Community Disturbances

It is often in the smallest details where we can make the biggest differences. For some of our neighbours, the best way to leave a lasting impression is to remain as unnoticeable as possible. When it comes to running a clean, efficient and effective operation, we have carefully considered how to maximize safety and minimize smells, sounds and disturbances. One of the many talented people that is contributing to the Taiga Project is Denniz Ozaruk, Taiga Operations Foreman. Dennis’ knowledge of the advanced technologies that we are using, his years of experience and his first hand knowledge of the reservoirs in the area all make him an integral member of the project team.

In this installment of the Osum Conversation Series, Dennis speaks about the various functions of his job and what drew him to come work at Osum. He also explains how we have designed the Vapour Recover System for the Taiga Project with multiple compressors so that there is always a unit running on “hot standby,” ready to take the load in case of any disruptions to the primary unit. This is just one example of our commitment to go the extra mile in every aspect of our operations.

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