Osum Conversation Series: Creating Positive and Lasting Impact

At Osum, one of our guiding principles is to be a good neighbour in the communities where we live and operate. Local community members are important to us so we look for ways to be involved in the community that fits the needs of the area and also align with Osum’s values. If you visit our Community Involvement page, you’ll see that we’re particularly passionate about Science & Technology, The Environment, Vibrant Communities and Sport – although, we will consider any project/group with good intentions and BIG IDEAS!

In today’s video from the Osum Conversation Series, Lisa Charleyboy sits down for a kitchen table discussion with Marie Robidoux, our Aboriginal Relations Coordinator. Marie speaks about a few of our Osum initiatives – including the Osum Innovation Challenge and the Osum Day for Aboriginal Women Entrepreneurs – that aim create positive, lasting impact in the community.

Stay tuned for more videos in this series – and if you have any questions you’d like for us to answer in future videos, please share those with us.

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