Three Student Leaders Recognized for Volunteer Work

Three Bonnyville high school graduates were announced as winners of the Osum Leaders of Tomorrow Award this past month.

Celine Ozirny and Jessica McGrath from Notre Dame High School, along with Carley Moore from Bonnyville Centralized High School, each received $1,000 scholarships for their leadership qualities and service to the community.

Justin Robinson, Communications Manager with Osum, feels the award provides the students with a chance to be recognized for what they have done, along with providing a little help with post-secondary tuition.

“(The award) actually let’s some of those students who have been leaders throughout the year, be acknowledged for what they have done, and not just be acknowledged by us,” said Robinson.  “The way we have structured the award is that we ask people in the community to tell us who was a leader, who made a difference.  So, they are getting acknowledged by people in their community.”

Robinson says that Osum’s other hope is that the acknowledgement of hard work encourages other students.

“What we hope it does is encourage other students who aren’t graduating this year to think, ‘what kind of person do I want to be in the community and how can I contribute?’  And if it does than I think we have done our job.”

It is the second year that Osum has handed out scholarships and recognized leaders in the Lakeland region.  Joining the three from Bonnyville, were six students from Cold Lake.

Each of the local students had a very big role in their school and all contributed in different ways to better their community.

Ozirny was a fundraiser for the Young Adopters and Students Against Drunk Drivers programs at her school.  She recently returned home from a mission trip to Mexico where she worked at an orphanage.

McGrath was also a member of the Young Adopters and Students Against Drunk Drivers program.  She also recently returned from a trip to Mexico where she helped build a school for underprivileged children.

Moore was a member of the HOPE organizing committee responsible for running a fair trade coffee house in Cold Lake.  She also organized a fundraiser barbeque to help a fellow student who lost their possessions in a fire.

He compared the students and what they have done to volunteers that have been helping out over the past week with flood relief in the southern part of Alberta.

“Some people have been volunteering a lot and I think those are the types of people these students represent.  Where there is a need, they just figure out how to fill it.  They make a difference and it is good to acknowledge them for the difference that they make.”


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