Orion Project Update

We are pleased to report, despite difficult market conditions, we have found ways to honour our commitment to the Lakeland, to invest locally, and to grow our business.  We’d like to highlight a few activities, starting this summer, that will help us continue to move our business forward, while lowering our environmental impact.

We will increase steam capacity by installing a single boiler.

Our future expansion (Phase 2) at Orion includes the addition of at least two additional boilers.  We will be installing the first of these boilers in advance of the expansion to increase the steam available to our current operations.  Activities on this project will start in August and should be completed by the middle of December.

We will use a treatment unit to process more water.

We will be renting a reverse osmosis water treatment unit in November.  This project will allow us to increase our water treating capacity.  We will be treating brackish, also known as saline, water with this unit.

We will reduce waste and take trucks off the road by installing a crystallizer.

We will be installing a crystallizer to allow us to significantly reduce the waste from our evaporator water treatment process.  For those who may be unfamiliar, a crystallizer is an industrial processing unit that recovers water from a slurry waste stream, allowing its reuse.

At Orion, the Crystallizer will reduce waste water disposal by up to 80%, removing 6 trucks per day from the road on average, and recycle up to an additional 90,000m3 of water annually for re-use to generate steam.

A regulatory application will be submitted to the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) in August 2016 for approval, with installation to occur in 2017.  We will update the community about this project as it progresses.

We will increase production by drilling new wells.

We will drill up to three new well pairs to gradually increase production through 2017 and 2018.

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