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Water Concerns Heard

October 5, 2010 Community Updates

If You’re Interested, We’re Interested

August 26, 2010 Community Updates

Important Taiga Project Update

August 25, 2010 Community Updates

The Town Hall Meeting Was a Success (We just wish we could take the credit).

June 6, 2010 Community Updates

Osum Presents at the 2009 Gussow Geoscience Conference

December 1, 2009 Community Updates

Exploring the Subsurface. Part 2. Interview with Dr. Jen Russel-Houston

September 29, 2009 Community Updates

Papers Presented at Canadian International Petroleum Conference

July 11, 2009 Community Updates

No Fresh Water: That’s Refreshing

May 22, 2009 Community Updates

Richard Branson advisor offers Advice to Alberta

May 21, 2009

In Situ Oil Sands Alliance Launches New Website

March 17, 2009 Community Updates

Stephen Harper: Canada to Discuss Energy, Security and Environment with Obama

January 22, 2009

Questions and Answers for the Taiga Project

January 1, 2009 Community Updates

Canada’s Role as a Supplier of Secure Energy

December 22, 2008

Public Disclosure Document Issued for the Taiga Project

December 2, 2008 Community Updates

What About Employment Opportunities From the Taiga Project?

November 25, 2008 Community Updates

Exploring the Subsurface. Part 1. Interview with Dr. Jen Russel-Houston

November 12, 2008 Community Updates

Taiga Project Update

October 11, 2008 Community Updates

Assessing Recent Oil Sands Analysis

September 23, 2008

Layton Targets Oil Sands

September 10, 2008

Waterous: Oil Sands Strengthen the Bonds of Confederation

September 8, 2008

Oil Sands Questions to be Decided by American People, Not Politicians

July 11, 2008

CAPP Launches Oil Sands Website to Ask Canadians for Their Views

July 10, 2008

Oil Sands “Fact Finding Mission” Leaves US Congressmen Impressed

July 9, 2008

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