Supporting our neighbours in ways big and small.

We are just as invested in the communities where we operate as we are in our business. Therefore, we aspire to enrich these areas by helping youth to develop into exceptional people and building capacity for long-term, positive impact. From fostering a love of curiosity and knowledge, to sponsoring local sports teams, to discussing the future over dinner at our town halls or being a part of initiatives such as the Bonnyville Oil and Gas Show, we are proud to support the vibrancy of the region.

Indigenous Communities

Osum respects the history and the aspirations of local Indigenous communities and endeavours to have meaningful, positive impacts on all members. This includes funding school programs to encourage student literacy, engaging in respectful dialogue with Indigenous groups and donating to local Indigenous organizations.

Osum aims to leave a legacy that benefits these communities for generations to come.

Giving Back

Our initiatives focus on building a bright future for all residents, promoting teamwork and supporting the people who call these areas home.


Science is not just a subject or an abstract idea, but is how discoveries are made, problems are solved and critical thinking skills are developed in youth.

As part of our commitment to inspiring the next generation of scientists and leaders we partner with local high schools to support teacher professional development, enhance the classroom experience with lab equipment and create opportunities for students to engage with science in unique and interesting ways like Spooky Science, field trips and guest speakers.

Over the years, we have brought neuroscientists, explorers, Olympians and more to local schools to encourage students to be involved in the world around them and equip them to make a difference.


A promising future starts with giving the students of today all the tools they need to succeed and effect change in their community and beyond.

Osum funds two scholarships each year — the Leader of Tomorrow Award for graduating Cold Lake and Bonnyville high school students, and the Spark Award for students from Indigenous communities near Osum’s project areas in northern Alberta.

Click here to learn more about the Spark Award
Click here to learn more about the Leader of Tomorrow Award

Another key aspect of our commitment to education is literacy, a fundamental skill that impacts every person’s life. From our Head Office staff volunteering with Calgary Reads, to sponsoring of Cold Lake’s Festival of Words, to supporting Indigenous literacy programs in our operations areas, we want everyone to experience the joy and benefits of reading.


Valuable life lessons about goal setting, perseverance, leadership and teamwork come from participation in sports.

In small towns across the province, community members join together to cheer on their local sports teams.  More than just entertainment, sports offers a space for people of all ages to learn, grow and connect.

We are proud to be supporters of the Cold Lake Ice and the Bonnyville Pontiacs hockey teams, as well as Bonnyville KidSport, the Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta Winter Invitational and other regional teams and events.

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