Our Community Investment

Through our community investment program, we have identified three focus areas where we concentrate our efforts as we work towards our goal to enrich communities by helping youth develop into extraordinary people and build capacity for long-term positive impact. They are:


A good future starts with giving the students of today all the tools they’ll need to face a world full of unpredictable challenges and questions.

We believe that this goes beyond memorizing facts, dates and formulas. It requires true curiosity, a desire to look closer and a willingness to approach problems in brand new ways. It requires resources, support and encouragement to always go a little bit farther than we have before. That’s why we support literacy initiatives and offer the Leader of Tomorrow Award and Spark Award scholarships. It’s our way of making sure that today’s great ideas become tomorrow’s great plans.


Science is not just a class or an abstract idea. It’s how we solve problems every day – and it’s the key to continuous improvement.

Science of every kind has transformed the world and we believe that today’s students will carry on that tradition, in even more incredible ways. We help the youth of the community pursue their dreams, showing them how science can be fun, meaningful and vitally important, by bringing programs like Spooky Science to local schools, organizing educational field trips, assisting teacher professional development and supporting other inquisitive initiatives.


At the end of the day, we’re really all on the same team.

It’s hard to overstate how important sports can be to a community. They are a common denominator, a rallying cry that brings everyone together – and they help the athletes understand how to work together to become better teammates and leaders, all while embracing the joy of their┬ásport. That’s why we’re proud to support the Bonnyville Pontiacs and the Cold Lake Ice, the World Junior A Challenge, the Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta Winter Invitational and other regional teams and events – now and in the future. The whole community comes together to cheer on the athletes that they believe in and that’s the only reason we need to do the same.