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ESTMA Annual Reports

The Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (ESTMA) requires companies to provide a record of specific payments made to all governments in Canada and abroad to Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) no later than 150 days after the end of each financial year. NRCan requires the reporting entity to follow a specific process, including the use of a standard form and making the report publicly accessible.

Press Releases

  1. Osum Board Withdraws its Recommendation that Shareholders Reject the Offer from Waterous Energy Fund

  2. Improved Offer from Waterous Energy Fund Supported by the Independent Board Members and Executive Team

  3. Osum Announces Board Resignation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Osum headquartered and where does it operate?

Osum’s Head Office is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and its properties are located entirely within the province of Alberta. Our producing thermal oil project, Orion, is in the Cold Lake region of Alberta. For more information, see the Operations section.

How do I buy or sell Osum shares?

Osum is a private company and therefore its shares are not actively traded in a liquid market. Occasional direct transactions occur between buyers and sellers and are typically facilitated by brokerages in the “grey market.” Shares cannot be directly purchased from or sold to Osum.

What is the value of Osum’s shares?

As a private company, Osum’s shares are not listed on any stock exchange and only trade in the “grey market.” Those transactions occur irregularly, tend to be smaller in size, and often are between related parties. As a result, the trading price may not be indicative of fair value.

However, each year Osum’s Board retains an independent third-party firm to value the Company’s shares at December 31st. The Board then uses the conclusions of that report to establish a value that is used for awarding and paying out share incentives and calculating share unit liabilities. This value is disclosed in the Company’s annual audited Consolidated Financial Statements, which are available in the Financial Information section.

Does Osum pay a dividend?

Osum has been focused on increasing shareholder value through production growth and operating cost reduction at Orion as well as debt repayment. While we do not currently pay a dividend, Osum’s Board continually reviews all options for generating shareholder value.

How and when does Osum plan to provide liquidity to its shareholders?

Charting a path to liquidity has been a priority for management and the Board for several years. However, a number of factors have adversely impacted investor confidence and corporate interest in the Canadian energy sector and, by extension, the options for shareholder liquidity. We continue to survey the market and assess options, and in the meantime will remain focused on running the business well.

Do analysts follow Osum?

There are currently no analysts that cover Osum.

Whom should I contact if I need to update my personal shareholder information, have lost my share certificate, or need information about transferring a share certificate?

Registered shareholders should contact Osum’s transfer agent, Alliance Trust.

Non-registered shareholders should contact their investment representatives to request any changes or for information concerning their accounts.

What is Osum’s hedging policy?

Osum has an active commodity hedging program. The Company’s objective is to increase the certainty of Canadian-dollar operating cash flows by reducing commodity price and related foreign exchange volatility. The Company mitigates market risks by using financially and physically-settled derivatives to hedge over time and on a rolling basis.

How can I receive regular investor information?

All investor information such as Financial Reports, Management Information Circulars, Corporate Presentations and Press Releases are posted in the preceding sections of this page.

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