2019 Osum Spark Award Recipients

Aydan Desjarlais, Elizabeth Métis Settlement

Aydan does an exceptional job balancing his responsibilities to his studies as a student at SAIT and his commitments as an athlete. During his first year as a power engineering student and member of the varsity golf team, Aydan earned great grades and was awarded the Golf Team Rookie of the Year award. In addition to the demands of his studies and athletics, Aydan finds time to participate heavily in volunteering and outreach activities, through SAIT’s athletic program. Aydan is also an active volunteer in his community of the Elizabeth Métis Settlement, demonstrating his lifelong commitment to giving back.

Charis Auger, Bigstone Cree Nation

Charis embodies resilience, perseverance and is a compelling example of what it takes to overcome adversity. Having already completed her degree in Native Studies, Charis is currently enrolled in the Aboriginal Teacher Education Program at the University of Alberta, and is recognized by her instructors for her innate ability to connect with people on an authentic and personal level. Charis is uniquely positioned as a role model for Indigenous youth and everyone she interacts with. She has already proved to be a powerful mentor and cultural worker who will increase her positive impact in her community when she returns as an educator in a more formal sense.

Demetri Scanie, Cold Lake First Nations

Demetri is a natural-born leader, as much as he might not identify as such due to his humility and calm presence. He serves as a positive role model for his peers working towards their Technology Management Bachelor degree at NAIT, leading by example in the classroom and encouraging others to engage in course materials and participate during class. Demetri seamlessly juggles his roles of engaged student and dedicated family man – and demonstrates enviable drive in all aspects of his life.

Kate Courtorielle, Cold Lake First Nations

Kate is a dedicated student, currently working towards her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Alberta. In addition to her accomplishments at school, her knowledge of and pride in her culture and heritage came across brilliantly during her summer programming while working for Alberta Parks in the Cold Lake area. Kate is an active volunteer within the Cold Lake First Nations community and never shies from pitching in, always offering a helping hand and a welcoming smile to anyone she encounters.