Lakeland Town Hall: November 30, 2017

Our Commitments

We are continuing to honour our commitments to Health, Safety and the Environment.

We believe in being a good neighbour. It’s been a cornerstone of our business from day one, which means the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders, and our environmental performance always come first. Our business may impact the environment in the short term – but that impact can and is being minimized, and these impacts need not cause lasting harm. That is the commitment we’ve made to the Lakeland and that is the commitment we continue to honour.

Safety and reducing our environmental impact are areas of constant focus.
We are always looking for ways to get better, to learn from those around us, and to create our own environmentally responsible solutions.

We’re pleased to share that in 2017, the Alberta Energy Regulator conducted nine inspections, all of which we passed, and we had no reportable environmental incidents. And while we take that as good news, compliance isn’t the same as improvement, which is why our team also found other ways to drive our environmental performance. For example, we:

  • Reduced the surface disturbance of expansion by 85% over the original Phase 2 configuration by drilling the wells for Phase 2A and 2B from existing well pads,
  • Reduced our fugitive emissions by 87% since the Orion acquisition, and
  • Have kept our greenhouse gas intensity 32% below the baseline.