Lakeland Town Hall: November 30, 2017

Doing Business with Osum

We have awarded several service contracts to local companies in Cold Lake and Bonnyville. These services allow Orion to operate smoothly and safely. They include: mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, scaffolding, craneage, fluid hauling, janitorial, and waste management services. These types of contracts typically cover a period of 1-3 years and are reviewed annually by operations and supply chain management to ensure the service is working as expected. Although Orion currently has a full complement of service providers to support operations and day-to-day needs, there may be opportunities in the future when contracts expire or new requirements arise. If you’re interested in future business opportunities with Osum, please submit your company profile to

Orion Expansion Projects:

Our phased development project plan at Orion consists of well pair additions, and modifications to the central processing facility. Osum’s execution strategy for Phase 2B of this work will be performed under an EPC and General Construction Contractor contractual arrangement, utilizing the services of Osum’s suppliers.

Hive Innovations Inc.:

Hive will be responsible for the Well Pairs Addition Program and the Evaporator package. This work will be performed under lump sum contracts. 

Federation Construction:

Federation will be responsible for the Central Processing Facility. This work will be performed under a cost reimbursable arrangement.  If you’re interested in business opportunities for the above expansion projects, please submit your company profile to: