We are looking for valuable assets above ground, too.

Osum values ideas, enthusiasm and creativity from all team members and prides itself on maintaining a high-trust, professional work environment. As an intermediate oil company, we are small enough to allow for meaningful collaboration between all teams while still providing opportunities for growth. Each employee at Osum has the opportunity to give input, be heard and work collaboratively. No one is “just an employee”; everyone is a contributor, playing a part in shaping the future of the company.

We provide competitive compensation for all employees, as well as a comprehensive family benefits plan. All permanent employees also receive shares in the company that vest over time. Operating 24/7/365, Osum ensures every team member has the support and opportunity to reach an optimal work/life balance. This includes supporting an active lifestyle and discussing alternative schedules when feasible.

Osum’s Orion Project and Head Office are centrally-located, meaning employees can go home following their shifts, many with a commute of 30 minutes or less. Osum is proud that we draw from the local workforce, and thus give back to the communities in which we operate. Supporting students, hockey teams and charity organizations are all part of Osum’s commitment to giving back.

Career Opportunities

Osum applicants should be focused on growth, both personal and professional. Our employees work on cross-functional teams and are adaptable and excited at the prospect of collaborating with other talented people to improve and innovate continuously. We value the growing team of people who make what we do possible. If you think you’d be a great fit for Osum, take a look at our current career opportunities and upload your resume now.

  1. Future Opportunities

    Interested in joining the Osum team but don’t see a job posting for you? Submit your resume here and check back often for specific job postings.
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